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#3987: Redirect Loop When Users Accesses a Private Group
 Reporter:  cspowers      |      Owner:
     Type:  defect (bug)  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal        |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  Groups        |    Version:  1.5.3
 Severity:  minor         |   Keywords:

 I am running a sanbox install of WP and BP, both latest versions. I’m
 using the Suffusion theme and the minima skin. I ran into a situation
 where I get an infinite redirect loop.

 In my sandbox I have a user “charile” and a public group “X”. Charlie
 joined the public group and was in it for a while. Then I changed group X
 to be a private group. I had charlie leave the group and verified that no
 group X activity appears in his streams. So far so good.

 Now Charlie goes to the group directory at /groups. He sees group X in the
 list because it is a private group. He sees the “request to join” button.
 But Charlie does not click it. The group name X is a hyper link. For
 people who are in the group, the link will take them to the group’s home
 page. But when Charlie clicks the link, the browser hangs for a while and
 then gives an error message about multiple redirects.

 If a site visitor (not registered or logged in) goes the the /groups page
 and clicks the name of group X, it redirects him back to the home page.
 But when Charlie logs in and clicks it, he gets the infinite redirect

 Not sure if this as anything to do with the fact that Charlie used to be a
 member of the group but left. Or if maybe there’s something wrong with the
 suffusion buddy pack. Also I have several plugins installed that add to
 the groups (BP Documents, U BuddyPress Editor, Events Manager, Photo
 Album, etc.)

 I regenerated the BP files using the suffusion buddypack plugin but that
 did not seem to help. I'm using suffusion via a child theme and have not
 made any changes to any theme files or BP files.

 I see the behavior both on the latest version of firfox and latest version
 of chrome.

 This is not a huge problem. The browser eventually shows an error message
 and user can go back to the home page of the site or whatever. But I
 figured I'd report it anyway, just fyi.

Ticket URL: <https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3987>
BuddyPress <http://buddypress.org/>

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