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#3287: Activity Post/Reply To Not Working
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 Hi, I've installed the latest version of WordPress and I'm using it with
 BuddyPress...most features are working great, except that in the Activity
 area if I try to post an update or reply to an activity item...nothing
 happens. :(

 I tried to follow what was happening with FireDebug and in Chrome by
 watching the Network tab, and basically the Post button always calls wp-
 load.php with some POST variables.   I guess this is supposed to somehow
 invoke remote Ajax functions in Event Manager PHP files, but it doesn't
 appear to be working.

 The result coming back from the wp-load.php AJAX calls is always status
 200 (OK) with an empty string, no error message, no content...just nothing

 When I try the same thing on buddypress.org in my Activity area, the
 response back is a nice list of activity items (the udpated <li> items).
 So I think the AJAX url is correct, its just that BuddyPress isn't
 honoring the call.

 Can you given me any ideas on how to debug this?

 Can you tell me what the chain of function calls is suppsoed to be when
 wp-load.php runs?  maybe I can put in some error_log() statement in key
 places and see if an error is aborting the script early?

 If there is any configuration information I can provide please let me



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