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#3280: Invalid URLs are incorrectly handled
  Reporter:  DJPaul   |      Owner:
      Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
  Priority:  blocker  |  Milestone:  1.3
 Component:  Core     |    Version:
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for starting this, DJPaul. 3280-2.patch is an expanded version with
 a few enhancements:

 - Distinguish between groups that don't exist and groups that one does not
 have access to. If you attempt to visit a non-existent group, or any
 subpage of a non-existent group, you get a 404. If you attempt to visit
 the inner page of a group to which you do not have access, you get
 bp_core_no_access(), ie a redirect to the login page with a redirect_to
 param. This will take care of the email notification issue without
 resorting to putting the hideous wp-login.php url in emails :)

 - http://example.com/members/INVALID/profile now 404s. I did this by
 putting a check directly into bp_core_set_uri_globals(), where BP attempts
 to find a displayed_user. This was tricky for components that also have
 root component pages, like http://example.com/members/INVALID/groups,
 because WP's canonical URL functions tried to "help" our 404 situation by
 redirecting back to the similarly-named WP page with the name 'Groups'.
 That's why you'll see
         remove_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_canonical' );
 in a few places.

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