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#3261: BP options get/update wrapper functions
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I'd like our approach to be consistent with different kinds of
 metadata/options. So if we are going to use a wrapper function for
 user_meta keys (which we are currently doing in the trunk with
 bp_get_user_meta_key()), then we should use a similar strategy for
 options, eg
 update_site_option( bp_get_site_option_key( 'bp-active-components' ),
 $active_components );

 The problem with this kind of approach is that it would (probably) require
 prefixing the key with the site id, eg bp_3-active-components or something
 like that. And this would mean that we were storing a bunch of clearly
 site-specific content in sitemeta. That seems wrong - that's the purpose
 of update_option(). Yet moving to update_option() means that we have to
 figure out something for backpat.

 If the conceptual mismatch of storing blog-specific meta in sitemeta using
 update_site_option() doesn't bother anyone, then we can just go along with
 this solution. (Ron can then filter this in the same way he does
 bp_get_user_meta_key() for multinetwork, and we can filter it internally
 when BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG is set.) This is something that can be done
 quickly and with full backpat. Thoughts/objections?

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