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#3074: XProfile - Incorrect CSS zebra striping
 Reporter:  ezd        |       Owner:
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  1.3
Component:  Theme      |     Version:  1.3
 Severity:  normal     |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch  |
Changes (by boonebgorges):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  fixed =>
 * severity:   => normal


 Reopening due to the fact that optional but un-filled-in profile fields
 are still throwing the zebra count off.

 3074.03.patch adds a 'hide_empty_fields' parameter to the bp_has_profile()
 chain. When the parameter is set to true (which is the default when you're
 not on the Dashboard or looking at a user profile edit page), fields that
 do not have data corresponding to them are removed from the
 $profile_template object that is returned to the templating functions.

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