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#3330: Improving the error messages UI
 Reporter:  xeqta        |      Owner:
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 Not sure if this has been discussed before or if there's already an
 enhancement ticket in trac?

 I suggest we improve the UI of these kind of error-messages:

 - "Please enter some content to post" (When you forget to type something
 in the textfield)
 - "There was an error sending that message, please try again" (In
 - Ect.

 - When there's an error, the message should always be either a drop-down-
 bar from the absolute top of the site or a simple div-popup in the middle
 of the site. That way the error-messages won't throw around with other
 design elements (like pushing down other elements) in order to make room
 for the error-message. This does not look or feel good.
 - If choosing the div-pop you can click outside it to make it go away or
 click a "dismiss" link.
 - If choosing the drop-down-bar, the bar will slide down and you will have
 to click the "dismiss" link or correct your error on the site in order to
 make it disappear. The bar should be colored (eventually light yellow or
 red) in order to gain user attention.

 Other notes:
 - It will be easier to style the site from the included template since you
 don't have to worry about error messages that push around other elements.
 The error messages will always be shown in a consistent location and
 consistency is always good.

Ticket URL: <https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3330>
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