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#1870: Limit number of levels of threaded replies
 Reporter:  ousep   |       Owner:     
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor   |   Milestone:  1.3
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Changes (by boonebgorges):

  * component:  => Core


 I'm about to commit a fix that works as follows. It adds a new function
 bp_activity_can_comment_reply() which, by default, always returns true.
 You can filter the output of that function to limit reply depth in the
 following way:

 function test_comment_depth_limit( $can_comment, $comment ) {
         if ( $comment->mptt_left > 3 )
                 $can_comment = false;

         return $can_comment;
 add_filter( 'bp_activity_can_comment_reply', 'test_comment_depth_limit',
 10, 2 );

 $comment->mptt_left refers the number of items to the left of the comment
 in the comment tree, including the original activity item. So this filter
 will limit comment depth to two levels (> 3).

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