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#2765: Forum reset script
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 See this thread: http://buddypress.org/community/groups/how-to-and-

 I'm not sure if this is the problem that the OP on that thread is
 experiencing, but in my experience there have been times when BP groups
 have somehow gotten out of sync with their corresponding forums. I was
 thinking that it might be worthwhile to build a script that tries to
 correct such problems, but wanted to get some feedback first. It's the
 sort of process that could potentially be built into the core in one of a
 few ways: either an automatic check that takes place when BP attempts to
 load a group's data/post a new item, or a button on the Forum Setup
 dashboard panel. It could easily be a plugin or independent script too,
 but I'm posting here in the chances that others have had the problem and
 think it might be worthwhile to have something in BP itself.

 Anyway, it would likely work with the following logic: If a group has
 forums enabled but no forum_id metadata, check to see whether there is a
 bbPress forum by the same name. If so, record that forum id to the group;
 if not, create a new forum and then record the metadata.

 This doesn't address whatever might be the underlying cause of the problem
 might be. Perhaps it has no place in core for that very reason. What do
 others think?

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