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#2737: Default theme default.css clean up and tidy
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Comment(by hnla):

 Minifying isn't a look it essentially creates an unreadable file which is
 fine for production but obviously no use for the developer, however it  -
 if used - clearly obviates the issues with indentation until one gets back
 to needing to work with the file.

 It's not really a designer issue it's code and all languages tend to have
 syntax conventions and structures. As a developer you work with  a few
 related languages CSS being one of them and can't really say you have "no
 strong feelings" :p .

 If WP wants to state a particular convention that's it's prerogative and I
 would try not to draw huge issue on the matter but they are not in keeping
 with the vast majority of developers that have been working with frontend
 languages for a while.

 ''- Indentation/whitespace in PHP (like in most languages) is not
 semantically relevant, and is only used for readability. In that sense it
 makes just as much sense to impose our "structure" on CSS''

 This is a flawed argument, yes white space is semantically null and is
 used for readability and that is the point readability; what does not
 follow is that you impose a scripting language paradigm on to a
 declarative language or at least a language that is significantly
 different in use and approach.

 Common convention dictates that rulesets are left aligned and that
 properties are declared on separate lines this means that the human
 eyeball can scan quickly and easily down through the rulesets. yes there
 are other conventions such as declaring properties in a line but generally
 that is considered very awkward to read and understand  let alone

 If we do indent  - and I'll follow the consensus here but not in my own
 work though ;) - then can we ensure that tabs are not used  but spaces or
 that peoples editors are set to convert tabs to spaces - tabs are an issue
 given that they are not an absolute measure but relative to an individuals
 editor settings and one can end up with indents running off to the right
 that become impossible to follow.

 Now we can start the great Spaces VS. Tabs debate a debate that remains
 one of massive contention :)

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