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#2466: navigation improvement suggestion
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Comment(by boonebgorges):

 A big reason why the buddybar is important is because of multisite
 support. In a WP Network, probably only the BP_ROOT_BLOG has a real
 BuddyPress theme, with the navigation buttons you're talking about. So if
 I have a Multisite installation example.com with BuddyPress,
 boone.example.com won't have the user profile tabs, etc. Therefore I think
 that the buddybar is crucial (and, as cnorris23 mentions, it can be turned
 off if the admin doesn't like it and thinks it's redundant.)

 As for eliminating the user navigation in favor of the BuddyBar: It's my
 impression that users would be confused if the only site navigation were
 at the very top of the screen in a dropdown menu. This seems like a
 metaphor used for desktop software, not for websites. If a site owner
 wants to build a theme that doesn't have the sidebar navigation or the
 main tabs, they absolutely can. But, for the majority of users, I think
 that bp-default needs to keep them.

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