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#2338: bp-activity-templatetags Slugs
 Reporter:  laullon                                                  |        Owner:          
     Type:  defect                                                   |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal                                                   |    Milestone:  1.3     
Component:  Activity                                                 |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  bp-activity-templatetags BP_GROUPS_SLUG BP_FRIENDS_SLUG  |  

Comment(by boonebgorges):

 Re: $bp->pages support. $bp->pages is set up via a chain that ends in bp-
 core.php, bp_core_get_page_names(). That function shows that $bp_pages is
 set by 1) getting the IDs of bp-pages from the options table, and then 2)
 directly querying the posts table for the slugs. In other words, page
 renaming should already be taken care of.

 $bp->current_component (and current_action) are set in
 bp_core_set_uri_globals() (bp-core-catchuri.php) by breaking the REQUEST
 URI into uri chunks. So current_component should always correspond to
 component slugs, since they're guaranteed to be formatted for appearances
 in URIs. bp_get_current_component_slug() therefore seems like it'd be
 redundant with bp_current_component().

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