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#2350: [patch] Add user to blog in console
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Comment(by andrea_r):

 Replying to [comment:13 apeatling]:
 > Why should all registrations be handled on the root blog? That seems
 like a bad idea and is fundimentally messing with the way WPMU works.

 I hate to disagree, but adding new users to the network always has to
 happen on the main blog. And it always did. This was how WPMU works, and
 how multisite works. Users gets added to the network via the main blog.

 >If a user has a blog and settings allow, they should be able to add users
 via their blog and activate them via their blog.

 Once a user is a part of the network and has activated their account,
 users can add other users to their blog if this is enabled. If they are
 not part of the network, they will still get a link to the main blog.

 Always did, always will. Think of how wordpress.com works. ;)

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