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#2241: Notification bars - presenting them in a more elegant way
 Reporter:  Ezd          |       Owner:       
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  1.2.3
Component:  Core         |    Keywords:       
 A suggestion:

 When you fill out a form on buddypress and you miss filling out a required
 field you get a _very red_ prominent notification bar. And you get a green
 notication when all is good, a message has been sent ect.

 I'm thinking and hoping that maybe these "true" and "false" notication
 bars could be presented in a more elegant way with less prominent colors
 and combined with some jQuery.

 Please look at the 2 attached images of each boxes (TRUE and FALSE). I
 have not provided any text inside then so it's just a suggestion for a new
 default styling.

 In terms of effect I'm hoping that some effect could be applied to the
 TRUE box (green). The FALSE box (red) should probably be static as it's
 more important information.

 When notification is TRUE (green) using jQuery:

 1: The notification shows up and the main content moves down a bit.
 2: The notification stays for X amount of time and then fades out.
 3: When the notification has faded out the main content moves up.

 (I've seen this effect somewhere and it just looks nice and userfriendly).

 When notification is FALSE (red):

 1: The notification shows up and stays there untill the page refreshes.

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