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#2225: Expand Name field to a first and last name field
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 Priority:  critical        |    Milestone:  1.3     
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 The problem with that method is that you don't get the display_name field
 updated correctly so all the functions still pull just the first name
 which creates the exact same problem listed in the screen shot.

 I don't understand how First and Last names do not work well for an
 international audience. What is facebook doing different so that it works
 for them?

 This is still a flaw in Buddypress that needs to be addressed on some
 level, whether it be on registration with a First and Last name field or
 within the site to better distinguish members from each other, as such is
 needed in the first screen shot.

 Right now I have two Andys, two Marks and two Mikes and have absolutely no
 idea who is who between those. That is a major flaw.

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