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#1701: New AJAX Theme Not Very Search Engine Friendly / Crawlable
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Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  1.2.1
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 Interestingly, since the profile links don't use nonce / input Ajax like
 the Activity widget, the profile pages actually should be search engine
 crawlable on an individual basis. However, since the activity widget list
 area and new directory content is in Javascript (empty and unreadable by
 search engines), the member profiles, group pages, forum pages, and less
 importantly the activity item URL's, are very unlikely to get indexed in
 the current architecture as the crawler tries to find pages by following
 links off the home page. I'll try to look into fixes. Noscript tags are
 the best option I'm aware of currently, but require more data to be sent
 from the server. To make the home page activity widget have "progressive
 enhancement" of the AJAX functionality, the various sections would also
 need to trigger unique URL's, and have have noscript options that use
 links instead of nonce input AJAX (for people with Javascript disabled or
 search engines (who tend to ignore javascript content)).

 I'm not sure if this should be listed as a defect or enhancement. I'm
 guessing perhaps a defect given how seriously Wordpress takes SEO.

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