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#1662: Hidden Group issues
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Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  1.2
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 I was looking at testbp.org and noticed that in the Groups directory,
 there is a hidden group listed (http://testbp.org/groups/sfsdf/). That
 struck me as odd so I created a test hidden group of my own
 (http://testbp.org/groups/groupie/). It does not appear to show up like
 the one above but I picked up an old status update from some other group
 (http://testbp.org/groups/casual) (see attachment).

 testbp.org has been around for a while with lots of code churn so I can
 understand this stuff but can something like this happen on a "production"

 Also, if a non-member of a hidden group navigates to the group URL, they
 are able to view the Group description. I think they should see nothing or
 the "This is a hidden group and only invited members can join." string.

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