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#1427: followers
Reporter:  erich73      |       Owner:  benfremer     
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned      
Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Changes (by benfremer):

  * owner:  => benfremer
  * status:  new => assigned


 Grabbing my first ticket. Woohoo! :)

 I think I can do this in about 20 lines of a code and 3-5 copy/pastes.

 Planning to make an admin option that lets people reversibly switch the
 relationship system from friends to followers and/or back again without
 altering the database schema, by changing the wording in some places from
 "friends" to "followers" / "following", by changing the friend requests
 section to "follow back" instead of "accept", and something like "not now"
 instead of "reject", and then using the friends table queries without
 requiring confirmation when returning the friends_ids to get activities

 If people are following eachother, they are still counted as friends so
 far as the other dependent logic (groups and private messaging) goes.

 Also planning to allow the admin section to select to show "just friends"
 "friends and/or following" or "just following" for the activity feeds to

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