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#1532: Editing username in DB breaks profile pages.
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Comment(by markmcwilliams):

 Replying to [comment:14 sbrajesh]:
 > No It is not the problem with buddypress only. If you change your user
 name to something else in PhpMyAdmin and have permalinks enabled, even
 author archive page will not work for admin. I have faced this on one of
 my wp blogs. Does the author archive for the renamed admin is working for
 you ?
 Without BuddyPress activated, although I have edited (not quite the
 username) but the way the user has their author page URL show, as in
 /mark-mcwilliams/, it works fine on my WordPress install. Activate
 BuddyPress though, and bang, it's broken and won't show unless you enter
 that code in your {{{wp-config.php}}} file which then shows your profile
 page as being /markmcwilliams/ which I'm not exactly after!

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