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#1620: bp_create_excerpt issue with external images for activity stream...
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 issue has been detected where users are placing in large (greater than
 800px width) images from an external site using media upload with urls.
 The activity stream displays these external images without being scaled
 down, so bleed over to the 2nd column.

 I've done a quick add_filter that simply strips out img tags for now, but
 suggest maybe having a scaler that simply sizes it down to within the main
 column width. Or maybe even filter out external site images altogether?

 This brings a further issue - I'm getting users who are placing in a list
 of images on their blogs like so:

 <img src="mysite.com/image1.jpg">
 <img src="mysite.com/image2.jpg">
 <img src="mysite.com/image3.jpg">
 <img src="mysite.com/image4.jpg">

 ...which causes bp_create_excerpt to display them all because the word
 count doesn't exceed 55. Doesn't look nice on the stream, so I've stripped
 them out as described above via add_filter.

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