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#1593: SuperGroups - Groups with an extended activity stream
Reporter:  Bowromir                                              |       Owner:                
    Type:  enhancement                                           |      Status:  new           
Priority:  minor                                                 |   Milestone:  Future Release
Keywords:  super group, extended, activity, users, multilingual  |  
 What I would like to see is a feature for admins to create a super group.
 This group has the same functions as a regular Group but the activity
 stream displays not only group related information, but also "regular"
 activity from it's users.

 The motivation behind this idea is that it allows international
 communities to create a super group which can display all the information
 from a certain country/region. A user can then visit
 www.mycommunity.com/groups/usa and he would have a complete overview of
 the updates in his homecountry. users could be added to the group
 automatically on signup when they pick USA as their country (auto group
 join plugin allows this)

 I hope this could get implemented in the core or in the form of a plugin,
 I'll certainly ask around for people who might be willing to work with me
 on this one :)

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