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#1294: BP 1.1.2 on WPMU 2.8.4a Group Avatar Crop Tool failure
Reporter:  gazouteast                           |       Owner:     
    Type:  defect                               |      Status:  new
Priority:  critical                             |   Milestone:  1.2
Keywords:  Group creation, Group edit, avatars  |  
 With a clean install of BP 1.1.2 onto WP 2.8.4a using all default themes
 PHP & MySQL 5.x on CentOS 5.x shared hosting

 Creating a group in BuddyPress consistently demonstrates the following -

 At very first (i.e. one time only) group creation, the avatar page offers
 the back button and skip button - they never ever appear again during any
 group creation or editing any group via admin -> avatars.  Checking page
 source, and using FireBug on FireFox, the code for those buttons is not
 present in the page.

 But the main issue is that the javascript avatar cropper fails to load the
 image, trashes it to a 0Kb file, and hangs the active content of the page.

 What is displayed is an 88x16 black oblong with no portion of the avatar
 image, the cropper handle will allow enlarge only to the 16px height of
 the black background, but attempting save causes a failure with "image
 failed to save" error.

 clicking off the frame to My Groups in the second column shows the group
 as created without avatar, without invites, and basically, non-functional
 - it cannot be used for anything ... although it can be deleted and
 another creation attempt made, but the avatar page has neither the back or
 skip buttons, even when using a different group name.

 Deleting the group via MySql, and the avatars (+ group folders) using
 cPanel file manager / FTP then allows creation of a new group ID 1, but
 again the back and skip buttons do not show on the avatar page, although
 this time the generated gravatar will display but cannot save as there is
 also no way to move to the next screen (invites).

 Lots of BP forum threads kicking up on this one, and none of them contain
 a solution that has worked for me.

 The number of complaints about this, and some of the esotericness of the
 fixes, clearly label this one as buggy code.

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