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Mon Oct 26 19:55:53 UTC 2009

#1134: IE 7 renders sign up button incorrectly [Has patch]
Reporter:  enailor                                                       |       Owner:  r-a-y   
    Type:  defect                                                        |      Status:  assigned
Priority:  minor                                                         |   Milestone:          
Keywords:  button, IE, internet explorer, css, has-patch, needs-testing  |  

Comment(by Takeo):

 To clarify, IE7 does supports inline-block... sort of. It only supports it
 on elements which are inline by default (i.e. span, em, b). So applying it
 to a div element will have no effect.

 The hack above in the comments should work but not without setting
 hasLayout using something like zoom:1; So:

 '*:first-child+html .generic-button {zoom:1; display:inline;}'

 or simply

 `generic-button {zoom:1; *display:inline;}`

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