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#1133: Site Wide Activity widget shows first picture from library at every item
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 I further investigated this problem because it still appears on my website
 (even if plugin is deactivated):

 I searched database for these strange pictures and in wp_bp_xprofile_wire
 table there is only text, that is right, but in the table
 wp_bp_activity_user_activity_cached there is this strange picture
 inserted. How could be inserted here automatically? And could be wire
 regenerated to remove this picture?

 I think that I partly understand how it was caused. I used plugin Custom
 Fields Image (some kind of post thumbnails using WordPress custom fields),
 which has also possibility to use first picture from post gallery when
 there is no picture selected. These pictures are probably generated
 somehow through the_content() filter and during upgrading BudyPress were
 somehow cached into wire (wp_bp_activity_user_activity_cached). But it
 should not, because this plugin is only for posts. So these strange
 pictures are not generated on the fly through the_content() now, but are
 cached directly in database (it probably happenned during BuddyPress

 So, is it possible to repair it somehow automatically (without manually
 modifying database)? And how to stop these problems in the future? It is
 probably common problem with using the_content() filter for site wide
 activity widget in newest version of BuddyPress...

 Thank you for your help...

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