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#1134: IE 7 renders sign up button incorrectly
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Comment(by r-a-y):

 I encountered this issue awhile back, but remedied it with a CSS override
 targeting IE7 (and IE6).

 I have a body CSS class which detected what browser is running and then
 overrided the .generic-button class.

 .ie7 .generic-button {display:inline;}

 But since the default BP theme doesn't come equipped with a browser
 detection class, you could use a CSS hack:

 *:first-child+html .generic-button {display:inline;}

 This only targets IE7 and is valid CSS.

 IE6 will also need the width to be defined.

 You can do so with the star hack:

 * html .generic-button {width:150px;}

 Even when you have the width defined, the generic button still won't look
 right, but it will look better than before.


 I've attached a patch for trunk BP 1.1.1.  It's untested since I don't
 have BP 1.1.1 installed on my testbox yet ;)

 Please test!

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