[buddypress-trac] [BuddyPress] #1196: wordpress "Page" title not included in <title></title> using bp_page_title()

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Tue Oct 6 21:06:15 UTC 2009

#1196: wordpress "Page"  title not included in <title></title> using
Reporter:  lostdeviant             |       Owner:       
    Type:  defect                  |      Status:  new  
Priority:  major                   |   Milestone:  1.1.2
Keywords:  title, title tag, page  |  
 I tried to work around this by changing the
  <title><?php bp_page_title() ?> </title>


 <?php if(is_page()) { ?>
                 <title><?php  wp_title('');  ?> - <?php bp_page_title() ?>
         <?php } else { ?>
         <title><?php bp_page_title() ?> </title>
         <?php } ?>

 but then the most recent post title appeared in a member profile page so I
 had to go back to the original.

 the page title should actually show the page parent (if exists) and the
 page's actual title..

 I really think the order of the title is off in general. instead of
 starting with the site name, it should start with the post/page/buddypress
 page title then parent or description (like member, group, profile) then
 the name of the site or blog.

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