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#1194: status updates - delete and site wide activity
Reporter:  belogical                                   |       Owner:     
    Type:  defect                                      |      Status:  new
Priority:  major                                       |   Milestone:     
Keywords:  status updates, site wide activity, delete  |  
 1) The first time you update your status it shows up in the site wide
 activity.  Any future updates do not show up in the SWA (this might be by

 2) I updated my status, then changed it to a second status.  I went to
 look at the SWA and the initial status is still in the SWA and not the
 newest one.  I tried to delete the initial status update from the SWA and
 was unable to do so.  When you click delete, nothing happens.

 3) I tried a status update on testbp.org and the status update posted
 twice.  See http://testbp.org/members/belogical/

 4) I just created a new user on my development site and no status updates
 are going to the SWA for that user.

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