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#1170: Social Activity: Interacting with comments
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 I was just thinking about how to extend the Social Streams.

 We have the:
 - Site Wide Activity
 - My Personal Activity
 - Friends Activity

 Instead of just having the activity streams inform you about my and other
 users activity, how about the ability to interact with each others from
 within the activity streams?

 Like for example if this activity shows up on the Site Wide Activity:

 Ezd wrote a new blog post: My first blog!   43 minutes ago
 "This post is my first post!

 Other users could then be able to click a comment-link next to that
 activity-string (Could be called "Comment"). A 1 line textfield and
 submit-button would then fold out making the user able to comment on my
 specific activity:

 "Great, you setup your blog"

 Comments could also work nicely with the upcoming gallery. If pictures
 shows up as small thumbs in the stream, users would be able to comment on
 newly added pictures directly on the stream!

 Or it could be used to comment on other users Status updates which is a
 part of BP as well.

 Now, I was thinking that every activity-string could have multiple
 comments from other users. Not just one comment.

 This could be implemented to all activity streams (My Activity, Friends
 Activity and the Site Wide Activity).

 The above would create alot more social activity and let people interact
 from within the social streams. Making social streams more then just

 My second ideer is to have a "hide button" on every activity-string giving
 the individual users the ability to hide the activity which their not
 interested in.

 Forum thread: http://buddypress.org/forums/topic/social-streams-extending-

Ticket URL: <http://trac.buddypress.org/ticket/1170>
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