[buddypress-dev] Bad possibilities to translate BuddyPress

Dennis Morhardt gigalinux at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 07:38:02 GMT 2008


we are at buddypress.de hard working on a perfect translation of the best
software. But we can't, because the possibilities to translate BuddyPress
are really bad. The function bp_core_time_since, which makes the
representation of the time elapsed, simply adds a 's' if the number not one.
In this case it would be better to use __ngettext.

The next problem is, that buddypress use for example for the localization of
"registered 3 hours, 9 minutes ago" 2 strings! It would be better use one
string with a %s. This would be better to translate.

I hope my suggestions will be flow in into the trunk.

Thanks, your Dennis.

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