[buddypress-dev] Problem with avatars (Again)

Margarit Muça margarit.muca at yahoo.it
Fri Oct 24 01:40:14 GMT 2008

Hi guys,
I just updated buddypress files with the latest version on the trunk  
and I have to say that I love the new structure of the membres and  
news page.
But I'm havin some problems. I can't see the avatars of my users and  
even if i try to upload a new avatar it doesn't work. What does it mean?
What should I do? I already encountered this problem and I solved it  
uninstallin all Wordpress MU e installing it again. I don't want to do  
that again.
Thank you.

Margarit Muça
margarit.muca at yahoo.it
080 633880
339 6050233
Piazza IV Novembre
Sannicandro di Bari

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