[buddypress-dev] URL changes and Usernames vs Blogs

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Thu Oct 23 11:23:22 GMT 2008

I've now changed the URL structure of BuddyPress so it is a little  
more intuitive.

All member pages are now at:


All blogs continue to function on either a subdomain or subdirectory  
depending on your settings.

This also means that pseudo-blogs/home bases are no longer needed for  
users. Because this is now the case, the original "give me a blog/just  
a username" option is now honored on the sign up page. Users can  
either just sign up for an account, or an account and their first blog.

The changes should not break existing installations, however you may  
get some redundant tables and users will need to re-upload their avatar.


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