[buddypress-dev] buddypress + e-commerce

Dan Milward dan at instinct.co.nz
Thu Oct 16 22:36:02 GMT 2008

Hey Guys,

We are thinking about integrating buddypress with www.getshopped.com and 
I was wondering whether or not this would be a good forum to talk about 
it.  We really want to start by brainstorming. Here or privately - but 
preferably here in the sense that we could all learn something and talk 
about how buddypress could effect the future of e-commerce in the 
greater sense.
If you take a look at getshopped.com which is an e-commerce site builder 
(built using WordPress MU and the WP e-Commerce plugin) how do you guys 
think that shop owners could benefit by adding BuddyPress to the mix.

What comes to my mind is the ability for people that sell the same stuff 
to network with one another. Plus the ability for those people to sell 
things on behalf of others in their own territories and earn referral 
dollars. But I'm not sure what else and I am very keen to explore and 
learn more about this space...



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