[buddypress-dev] modifications to bp-xprofile-templatetags.php

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Tue May 27 19:18:37 GMT 2008

On 27-May-08, at 10:15 AM, David J. Bisset wrote:
> Want some feedback on this. I needed to do some logic via php on my  
> homepage/profile page of each blog/account. The functions in bp- 
> xprofile-templatetags simply didn't give an option to return a  
> value, only output it. So i made the following changes: [...]

I'm just wondering what situation you would need to return and not  
echo? The template tags are designed to function within 'the loop' and  
just spit out the right information. Usually you'd structure your HTML  
around this, and then call the template tags in the places where you  
want to render the profile data.

You might want to directly access the profile data object if you want  
to get hold of data instead of rendering it straight to the page. What  
do others think?


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