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Bryan Phelps bryanphelps at gmail.com
Wed May 21 02:14:15 GMT 2008

Great fix...can't wait to check it out.

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 6:51 PM, Andy Peatling <andypeatling at automattic.com>

> On 19-May-08, at 5:55 PM, Andy Peatling wrote:
>  @ Anday
>>  "*It should render the details for the blog owner. Basically, the ID for
>>> the
>>> user that has defined that blog as their primary blog. Your primary blog
>>> has
>>> a user icon next to the tab in the admin area. That is where your profile
>>> details will show. I believe I'm right in thinking a blog can only have
>>> one
>>> primary user assigned to it?"*
>>> But unfortunately, I found it is possible to assign a blog as the primary
>>> blog to many users, I  just tried it on my wpmu v1.5.1 site, in this
>>> case, "
>>> *blog owner -* *the ID for the user that has defined that blog as their
>>> primary blog"* mechanism will get problem.
>> Hmm, I'm sure this was not the case on my installation. We will need to
>> find a way to work around / address this if the above is correct.
> We have found a workaround to this (actually Matt did) that will fix the
> issues with blog owners and profiles. Instead of invoking the $authordata
> variable and using that to render the profile, we are matching the blog
> domain/path to the user.
> So, if you visit "andy.buddypress.org" it will take the "andy" part and
> display the profile for the user "andy". That way, only the profile for the
> user that signed up with this blog will be shown. You can still assign new
> administrators/contributors/authors etc etc, but the owners profile will
> only ever show.
> I've made this change and it seems to be working well for both subdomains
> and subfolders. It should also in theory fix the problems people have been
> having with links, pages and categories.
> I will be checking this in shortly, and hoping to tag a v0.2 of the
> extended profile component ASAP. We still have a bunch of bugs to fix with
> some new feature additions.
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