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Carsten Reinke reinke at gmx.com
Mon May 12 10:12:45 GMT 2008


first of all: Thanks for all the great work done so far.

I've been lurking around here for a while, until now only reading.

I'm currently in the process of implementing a WPMU/Buddypress site  
which needs privacy based on tags similar to the one described by  
Chris Taylor.

I have read the roadmap which says "privacy privacy privacy" in core.  
Is this a subject somebody is already working on actively? Or is  
there already a plugin or something?

@Chris Taylor: Is your privacy concept something which you want to be  
added to BP as open source? Or is it specific to your site?

I have only very limited time since I have to run my main business to  
support my family. But if there's some work which needs my help,  
maybe I could contribute...


Carsten Reinke
berlinbag.com - Build your own Bag

Am 18.04.2008 um 23:48 schrieb Chris Taylor - stillbreathing.co.uk:

> Hi,
> A few days ago I said I was working on adding tagging to my friends
> plugin for myJournal. It's done and working nicely, and after a good
> conversation with a few people in IRC (room #buddypress on freenode;
> come on in, the water's fine) it looks like this could form part of a
> powerful global privacy framework. I did a screenshot of what I've
> been working on which I hope will help to clarify what I meant. See it
> here: http://www.stillbreathing.co.uk/images/misc/friend-tags.jpg
> This shows a number of things. Firstly wherever it says "Contacts"
> read "Friends", for myJournal those kind of words are configurable by
> the site admin. You can see a list of "Groups", which is our name for
> friend tags. Selecting one of these gives you just the people with
> that tag (it's only single tag selection at the moment). You can also
> see some pagination, the there's the details for the first friend.
> Below the name and description for the friend you can see a list of
> checkboxes with tag names. The first few (Family -> Supplier) are
> pre-configured by the site admin. Really the "Friend" tag is redundant
> because everyone in this list is a friend regardless of what other
> tags they may have.
> To assign tags to the friend select the checkboxes you want. You can
> also enter a comma-separated list of new tags into the textbox. When
> you add new tags it assigns those new tags to the current friend
> automatically, and also adds those new tags as checkbox options for
> all other friends. Tags you add are just for you, no-one else can see
> them. If you remove one of your own tags from all your friends that
> tag wil disappear from the checkbox list.
> A couple of things could make this better. Firstly for long lists of
> tags there will lots of checkboxes - imagine 30 checkboxes repeated
> for every friend down the page. Nasty. Secondly it would be nice to
> assign tags to multiple people and save them all in one go; at the
> moment you have to save each friends tags individually. But that's not
> a massive job to change.
> Any comments?
> Chris
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