[buddypress-dev] README - if you have a BuddyPress installation

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Wed Jul 16 16:52:03 GMT 2008

--- Adding this to a new thread ---

I'm going to be doing some heavy debugging today and fix these issues  
people are having with links.

Firstly however, let me clear a few things up with installations:

- I am developing BuddyPress on the latest stable release of WPMU  
(1.5.1) so please don't expect it to work on the latest build in SVN.  
I keep a copy to test with, but I can't spend time tweaking every-time  
some code is changed right now.

- Secondly - *don't* mix and match tagged components with the trunk!  
Either only run tagged components OR run all components from the  
trunk. For instance - if you run the tagged 0.2 version of the core  
and then try and install the latest friends component, things will  

So just to make sure everyone gets that - if you want to run the  
bleeding edge stuff - install everything in trunk, and nothing in the  
tags directory. However, if you're happy to run more stable component  
versions and are okay to wait until new components are tagged... don't  
install anything from the trunk.

- I can't guarantee anything is going to run on a windows server. I  
have no windows servers to test with. If you want to run BuddyPress  
then you'll need a linux/apache server for now.

- Lastly, groups will be re-structured to fit the style of the other  
components. It will also not show anything in the default theme yet.  
I'm getting to it ASAP.


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