[buddypress-dev] installation and profile problems on xampp

Tobias Schwarz tobi.schwarz at gmx.net
Wed Jul 16 05:23:59 GMT 2008


I've installed WPMU/Buddypress (current SVN version) on a local windows
XAMPP-run server, and WPMU seems to work fine - although that's difficult to
determine for me as I've never worked with WPMU before (just on WP).
Initially, the buddypress plugins seemed to produce more errors than I could
count, but it seems a lot of that is due to configuration issues.

It's still very buggy, but at least I've managed to get a profile up and
running now.

That said - I still have the avatar uploading issues some people have
complained about - the image is uploaded and the cropper works, but the
variables constructed and put in the DB aren't correct - this is the URL in
the db


As you can see there's two slashes between files and 2008, and the ABSPATH
is using backslashes. I've looked at the code quickly, and it seems to use
the WP image uploader to upload the files. Using that I can easily upload
pictures and see them - the URL for the same file in the WP uploader is
(johnny is the name of the blog)


Installing WPMU/Buddypress in a subdirectory apparently only works after
changing the $component_index and $action_index variables. Before doing
that, the profile or blog links in the theme would not show. But there's
still a lot of things with URLs that don't seem to work -

Under "ME", the left sidebar in the profile lists "Profile", "Blog",
"Messages", "Friends" (always activated), and "Log Out" - all of the links
to these pages are currently giving my a 404. They are omitting the
installation name in the URL (kuk in this case). Thus the profile link in
the left bar - http://localhost.localdomain/johnny/profile/ - gives a 404,
while the "profile", "blog", and "friends" link in the middle bar (which
uses the installation name) -
http://localhost.localdomain/kuk/johnny/profile - shows the corresponding
page. I'm not sure about the account structure and the URL catcher in
buddypress - so I don't know if that's just a theme problem or if there is
something wrong with the installation, as the "login" and "logout" and
"messages" links in the left bar will not with even when I manually add the
installation name "kuk" to the URL.

Another thing that won't be displayed correctly are groups. I can create
groups, but I can't look at them - the "click here to see it" link -
"http://localhost.localdomain/kuk/groups/new-group/" takes me to the signup
page "http://localhost.localdomain/kuk/wp-signup.php?new=groups". It's not
mod_rewrite, as WPMU created Permalinks are handled correctly.

Maybe someone has an idea about this.


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