[buddypress-dev] Avatar upload

Martin martin at thrive-magazine.com
Wed Jul 9 20:43:37 GMT 2008

I just tried adding a new avatar to the site I'm developing on and appear to
have a slightly different problem.

Can you do a view source of the avatar crop page and find the line that
starts with <div class="wrap"><h2>Your Avatar</h2>?

What src do the image tags have on that line?

Hope this makes sense,


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I am still having issues with this.

The images are in the blogs.dir, permissions are good - ok

I can see the reference in the source of html on activate.php - ok

Image is represented by grey box the size of my uploaded image with the crop
box in the middle. - not ok

I am configured as subdirectory, no problems with any other part of process.
Any ideas? I am current with code.

image attached has example


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