[buddypress-dev] Double up in the addressfield

Håkan Eriksson admin at utryckning.se
Fri Jul 4 09:34:27 GMT 2008

My first post and question.
(Got Wordpress MU 1.5.1 and Buddypress rev. 200)

So far everythings look really great.


Now my question: if im logged in as a user and press a link eg. Messages 
I get a sub navbar MY MESSAGES  (http://mybuddypress.com/messages/)

>From this moment every link I press everything is double upp, If I press
compose I get double up (http://mybuddypress.com/messages/messages/compose)

Is it my system or did I find some bug 

Sorry for my SWEnglish


Kind regards

Håkan Eriksson




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