[buddypress-dev] Avatar uploads

C Daniel c_daniel2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 16:58:08 GMT 2008

First, very nice hopefully I will be able to contribute somehow.
I have this installed with latest wpmu 1.5.1, prior to the current tags_extended-profiles_0.3.2-r161 version of xprofiles I was able to upload an avatar in the admin area and it would show on profile, now I can include the avatar on sign up , but when I activate the image does not show and I get both crop dialogs (50x50, 220x220) on the activate.php page, then on complete no image displays, also if I add an image in admin  avatar it is named differently than new avatar name.

Also after upgrade I had to add the db fields manually to wp_blogs for the field list and avatar values.

ok, so long story short. What I want is a version that works just like http://testdrivewpmu.com for the avatar upload. any idea how to accomplish this?



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