[buddypress-dev] Call to undefined function bp_is_blog() .... on line 16?

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Thu Aug 21 19:22:07 GMT 2008

On 20-Aug-08, at 7:35 PM, Brad Flora wrote:

> Hey there, I'm setting up my first bpress test install and right  
> after I switched over to the bpress theme, I received this error.   
> Do I not have the buddypress tables installed?  I wondered about that.

> How do I fix this?

What's the error?

> The install instructions are somewhat vague about how the buddypress  
> tables are installed.  Instead of having them be automatically  
> isntalled at some indeterminate point when I log in, what if I had a  
> button I could press to install them from the admin?

It's just a case of adding the correct hooks in place, so that the  
tables will be set up as soon as you hit the site. That way there is  
no need for this. Normal WordPress plugins create their tables upon  
activation - but of course mu-plugins are automatically activated.


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