[buddypress-dev] BuddyPress compatibility with WPMU 2.6?

phlux0r phlux0r at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 00:56:37 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I've just joined this list as I am working on a WPMU project to build a 
blog community site with requirements that fit exactly with the features 
BuddyPress provides, such as extended profiles, private messaging, 
friends and groups.

I want to use WPMU 2.6+ for this project but realised that the current 
release of BuddyPress does not work correctly with the Mu release.

So, I'm just wondering how far away is the compatibility update for 
BuddyPress and WPMu 2.6? Does the current BuddyPress SVN version perhaps 
work already with Mu2.6?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been answered somewhere, I 
couldn't find any conclusive info about this.

Oh, it would be really nice to say on the BuddyPress Trac download page 
what version of WPMu is supported :).

Kind regards,

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