[buddypress-dev] changing your user password via BuddyPress

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Thu Aug 14 16:44:26 GMT 2008

On 10-Aug-08, at 1:08 PM, David J. Bisset wrote:

> Hey all,
> I was looking for a way to change your user login password WITHOUT  
> going into wp-admin backend in the spirit of the BuddyPress template.
> The reason why i'm not using wp's own function (wp_update_user) to  
> change the data (which is where this code is actually being pulled)  
> is because the wp_update_user attempts to clear/reset cookies and  
> that causes header redirect errors because this is being doing in  
> the middle of rendering the BuddyPress template page.
> Like I said, this is rough but so far works. There are better ways  
> and i'm open to hearing them.

Hmm... there must be a way around that. I will take a look at this  
pretty soon, as I'd like to start bringing user settings into the  
template. "Disable notification emails" etc.


Andy Peatling | Social Engineer | Automattic

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