[wp-xmlrpc] Extending XML-RPC to provide Plugin information

Joe Hoyle joehoyle at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 11:06:51 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,

I was recently writing a plugin where I hooked into XML-RPC to provide  
plugin information to clients using the API. The hook creates an new  
xmlrpc method called wp.getPluginList which returns the get_plugins()  
array. It also adds a couple of extra keys to each plugin array:
	Firstly it adds $plugins[$plugin_file]['active'] = is_plugin_active 
( $plugin_file );
	And aslo the latest version of each plugin (using get_transient 
( 'update_plugins' ) ) so the version can be compared by the client  
accessing xml-rpc

I am not aware of the stance of opening up XML-RPC to show as much  
information about the Wordpress install as possible, but does anyone  
think that this could possibly be adopted into core? For the project I  
am working on it would be great to be able to access plugin  
information remotely without the need to the user to install an  
additional plugin on their site.


Joe Hoyle

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