[wp-ui] WordPress Installation, Questions about

April Morone blackjadedheart at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 19:57:19 UTC 2012

Hello.  I have questions about the installation process of Wordpress.  I
installed Visual Studio 2010, Express, and the Visual Studio 2011 Beta,
which does reqire MySQL to be a apart of it.  I have the MySQL 2008.  But,
when I try to bring up Wordpress afgter having installed it on my computer,
after having first extracted the WordPress files, and I then downloaded PHP
from PHP.net, I cannot seem to get PHP and WordPress to also pull up, but
the PHP is needed to be pulld upso that WordPress can then work, properly,
for me to then add it to the server.  Please explain how I can correct this
problem.  Also, are there any tutorials on PHP programmin, and also on
programming in C that are completely for beginners and that are completely
free, not that free tril stuff?  Please let me know this info, as well.
Thank you.
April Morone


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