[wp-ui] Why are we using a maillist?

Voyagerfan5761 vf5761 at technobabbl.es
Thu Jan 28 19:13:11 UTC 2010

I hate to bring it up, but Google Groups might do the forum/list hybrid
thing. I'm trying to think of something else that's similar, because I know
that Google can't be the only maker of mailing list software that allows
users to interact with it like a forum, but I'm coming up short.

A quick search of (for example) the bbPress plugin directory shows a lot of
email-related plugins, but the notification plugins seem to only work on
favorite threads. Perhaps one of those can be used as a base for a plugin
that presents users with settings similar to the mailman settings for this
list but for forum threads. Then reply-by-email would be (unless I've
forgotten something) the only thing left.

Yes, trying to use bbPress would probably draw on the developers in this
group. But if anyone else has a better idea, please shout out. I'm not fond
of the Google Groups idea either myself, but I too would like to have a
forum-style discussion platform.

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Until and if we switch to a forum, does anyone know if there's an easier way
to reply to a thread when using digests than copying-and-pasting the subject
of the relevant thread?
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