[wp-ui] Why are we using a maillist?

Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Thu Jan 28 16:03:10 UTC 2010

2010/1/28 Dre Armeda <feeds at armeda.com>

>  Automattic is using P2 to manage some of their projects and the
> wordpress-dev efforts run through P2 as well and it seems to work.
> Scheduling meetings, discussions, etc. IRC is another great mechanism that
> is currently being underutilized for the UI list. I think we leverage a P2
> site and IRC for the UI list and it will foster greate discussion.
P2, and forums and IRC are fine if you are sat at a desk all day. I
regularly have to travel. I can get my email on my phone whilst on a train,
I can reply too. I cannot participate in a real time discussion on my phone
on a train.

And don't forget we are all in many different time zones. Other than
pre-arranged meetings, IRC is not great for ongoing conversations (even with

Mike Little
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