[wp-ui] Pet Peeves, The care and feeding of

Dean Robinson dean.j.robinson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 22:01:28 UTC 2010

Fair point, and I completely agree, my "favourite" example is the  
Akismet stats page living under the 'Dashboard' menu item, why? why  
isn't under the comments menu?

However, I don't think this is necessarily something that can be  
solved, at least not entirely, by the UI since the menu which a  
plugins options etc appears in is determined by the plugin (and plugin  
author's choice). Happy to be proven otherwise though. :)

Dean Robinson

On 28/01/2010, at 5:05 AM, Emil Payne wrote:

> andré renaut wrote:
>> Hi Jane
>> so now, what's next ?
> Me not Jane, but -
> I know what my main pet peeve about using WordPress, from a UI/UX  
> point of view is -
> When I install a new extension (or months after installing an  
> extension) Where do I find it? Is it under TOOLS, SETTINGS, IT'S OWN  
> TAB, etc?
> And sometimes the extensions has settings one place and usage another.
> Also, a lot of times the button to ACTIVATE, GO, ENTER, WHATEVER is  
> in the middle of the text, near the bottom of the page, or (in at  
> least one instance) scrolled off the right side of the screen.
> Could things like these be standardized?
> Emil
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