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Better late than never I guess. My name's Brian Milne, and I'm a blogoholic. Like most of you, I'm an avid WP supporter with more WP blogs than any human should have. Unlike most of you, I'm no pro when it comes to development and even design work once you get beyond the basic frontend stuff. 

But I've done plenty of UX work over the years and know a good UI when I see one having worked with dozens of brutal (and I mean brutal) CMS/publishing systems in the newspaper business. 

As for my background, I have a journalism degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif., and spent nearly a decade as a web editor/senior writer for McClatchy Newspapers. I've since bailed on the newspaper biz to be a copywriter, content manager for a few local tech companies and have provided copy/content management for McClatchy, Web Associates/LEVEL Studios, HP, Experts Exchange and About.com. 

McClatchy's local paper and About.com use MU to power their blogs, so that's where my WP background comes into play. That and a handful of personal blogs and small business websites I've built around WP. I've also authored a couple of guidebooks on other topics and am working on a WordPress guidebook as we speak.

So my focus is copywriting and content management if you need any help there. Other than that, I can do some testing and will offer feedback if needed. I use Axure for wireframes, but am willing to test any prototypes thrown my way. I'm still on the Central Coast of Calif., so I'm usually on hand for WordCamps from LA to the Bay. I'm the pale, redheaded beanpole if you ever want to say hey. 

As far as improvements/suggestions: Other than making a wombat the WP mascot, an idea I like is adding the preview functionality -- similar to what we have on posts and pages -- to the theme editor. Don't know how realistic that is, or if it's already in the works, but there's a couple pennies for ya. 

Let me know if I can be of service. 

- B
brianmilne at att.net
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