[wp-ui] Introduction

David A. Windham david at demiurgicdesign.com
Mon Jan 25 19:22:17 UTC 2010

 >if you're planning to contribute to the UI work ahead, please email
 >this list and tell us a little bit about you

hello ui-listers,
I'm david windham (http://windham.wordpress.com).
I'm on a small farm in lovely rural South Carolina, USA.
I like to wire-frame /storyboard with Fireworks
I spent years as front end dev for Django(ellington) and Drupal sites  
for Newspapers / Publishers.
I now point my clients to the usability advantages of Wordpress.
I've been on WP since pre 1.0 and am familiar with almost every  
function, class, id and db schema.
I'm currently working on a projects for Harvard, UCal, our neighbors,  
and my dad. :)
I'm also trying to be actively involved in the development of BBPress  
and Buddypress and you'll find me in the forums.
I like highly organized (properly tabbed) & well written code,  
semantics, and real time data syndication (pubsubhubub)
I have a degree in studio art and a serious interest in axiology and  
Happy to be here, hope I can contribute and provide some good feedback  
along the way!
best regards,

David A. Windham | 803-426-XXXX | david at davidawindham.com | http://davidawindham.com

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