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MG mg at nobulb.com
Fri Jan 22 19:00:42 UTC 2010

Hello all,

My name is Michael Greenberg. Officially a computer engineer and like to
play with embedded systems, I've ended up dabbling in many different
buckets. Most of my experience is in web dev and more recently (last several
years) design. Never formally schooled, I've been writing HTML since 1997
and started with members.aol.com. *gag* My current home is at
http://nobulb.com where I try to maintain a professional presence and
doubles as my sandbox. I've been a software engineer for xG Technology
(small engineering firm in Florida) and have been developing a web based
network management tool (which we just released a tech demo of...here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnleO8H4lyY). I've done all the UI work on
that product and is SLIGHTLY representative of my work. (IMO, there's a lot
more under the hood than that video really shows.) I'd like to think I have
a keen eye for aesthetics despite the lack of formal training and an almost
OCD-type level for attention to detail.

I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone else. The one aspect i'm truly
interested in improving on WP is how it handles media within posts. It's SO
freaking painful to add pictures from outside sources without hotlinking and
while what's there is good...I have some other ideas. More often than not, I
end up biting off more than I can chew professionally, but I'm looking
forward to seeing what can be accomplished with a product that I think is
fantastic and want to give a little back in return.

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